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Another lonely night in Amsterdam


Name your three five favorite bands and why. YES ONLY THREE. FIVE.

Mine (Not in order) :

o1. Brand New. Because they are like maaad talented. Yea, cop-out answer. I know. Anyways. Have you SEEN Jesse Lacey? Or any of them for that matter. Duuuuh.

o2. Cursive. Because Tim Kasher has an amazing voice and there's really not any bands like them out there. Plus. I just like them whore.

o3. Queen. Freddie Mercury is the most amazing person in a band, ever. I think. He's better than any of you.

o4. The Cure. I'm sorry, needs no explanation.

o5. Something Corporate. Hi I love them, and I really didnt know who to put and I'm listening to them.
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